CEO Message

KOTAM 대표이사 이재학

KOTAM is a transportation asset management company that manages clients’ investments to meet the global demand of infrastructure and transportation assets including shipping, aviation, warehouse, containers and oil and gas midstream. With continuous support from our clients and business partners, we are striving to be the next global leader who manage and supply transportation assets worldwide.

We are also eager to take leadership in distributing and managing assets. We are not only invested in making innovative strides, but we also put tremendous efforts into researching and understanding the flow of transportation, global trends, needs and demands in the world.

While our two business motto serves as a vital driving force to energize our company, we always put our clients’ benefits as our priority. In order to bring great value for our clients and industries, our experts manage the acquisition and disposal of vessels and aircraft, and supervise the use of assets. We always propose the most effective operating and risk management tools that guarantee the best results. We hope to continue creating value internationally to grow as a company with a defined vision and professional experience.

KOTAM Chief Executive Officer
Jay Jaehak LEE